Hydrocodone-An Anti-pain Medicine

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Hydrocodone is the medicine which doctors prescribe for treating severe pain. However, people who are suffering from extreme pain should only use this medication. This medication comes in both capsule and tablet form. After that, this medicine comes under the category of medicine named opiate analgesics or narcotic It functions in responding equally to the brain nerves.

Some Manner in Which The Medicine Should Get Used

As I said earlier, that this medication comes in both tablets along with capsule form; therefore, one can take this by their mouth. One should consume the capsule form of Hydrocodone once in 12 hours while the tablet form of the Hydrocodone should be consumed once a day. However, patients should consume this medication at the same time every day. Patients should not ignore the directions given by their healthcare specialists. If the patients face any problem, then it is better to ask their doctor.

The patients should take plenty of water while dealing with the capsule. The healthcare specialists also suggest that patients should consume this drug through the mouth. They should not crush it and swallow it as a whole.

Dosage of Hydrocodone

Doctors generally prescribe with lower dosages at the initial stages. However, over time they increase the power of the medicine. But the doctors usually do not increase the dosage for the first 7 to 10 days.

Addiction and Abuse of Hydrocodone

But there is a possibility that the patients’ body might become compatible with this medicine. The patients who consume this drug regularly and also consume high doses of this drug may get addicted to it and also build a tolerance towards it. If the patients get addicted, they might start abusing it. There are some of the indications of behavior changes and other physical changes suggesting that the patient is addicted to this drug.

Precautions to consider before taking Hydrocodone

The patients can experience some of the side-effects due to this drug. Therefore, talk to your doctor and be specific about your allergies with other medications. The patients should also give their detailed medical history to their pharmacists and also mention all the drugs they were/are consuming. The patients should even tell the amount and regularity with which they consume alcohol. Low blood pressure, difficulty in urinating, thyroid or seizures, colon cancer, trouble in swallowing, etc. are some of the side-effects caused by this drug.

Hydrocodone during Pregnancy

The doctors do not usually advise Hydrocodone during pregnancy. The studies show that Hydrocodone can injure the fetus of the patients. Patients should also not consume this drug when they are breastfeeding. This is because some amount of Hydrocodone can transfer into the newborn during the breastfeeding causing severe withdrawal side-effects in the newborn.

What diet should the patient follow?

The doctors do not advise any change in the diet plan of the patients while they consume this drug. The patients can continue their diet without any modification.

What if you forget the dosage?

It is common for patients to miss their drugs. But the patients should not consume an extra dose trying to make up for the missed one. They should take their regular treatment. Increasing the dosage can cause severe health problems.

Side effects of Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone does have many side effects. Please tell your doctor if you are facing them. Hydrocodone can cause some of the side-effects like dry mouth, stomach pain, back pain, headache, muscle tightening, ringing in the ears, difficulty in urinating, foot leg or ankle swelling, difficulty in sleeping or waking up. Some side effects are severe and rare, like chest pain, hallucinations, agitation, nausea, loss of coordination, diarrhea, irregular menstruation, changes in heartbeat, inability to have an erection, loss of sexual desire, decrease metabolism.

Where To Store The Medicine?

Try keeping the medicine in the container in which you brought it home. The patients should keep the box containing the drug tightly closed and away from the kids and pets. The patients should also keep the medication in the place with room temperature and away from direct heat.

Availability Of This Medicines

The patients can purchase this drug from the nearest drugstore. They can also buy online Hydrocodone from various trustworthy websites selling the best quality Hydrocodone and also provide different benefits and services. The patients can find many websites advertising Hydrocodone for sale, but patients should be vigilant while choosing the site. They should select the website which works under the surveillance of the government and also sell good quality Hydrone at the best rates.