How Klonopin is Related to Alcohol?

Klonopin or Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine drug that acts on the central nervous system to treat various psychological disorders. It is a mild tranquilizer and treats conditions like panic or anxiety disorders, movement coordination problems, and seizures.

Syndicate of Klonopin and Alcohol

Benzodiazepine is a class of drugs that contain diazepine ring and benzene ring and works to treat psychological issues. Benzodiazepines work as the central nervous system depressant, and since Klonopin is a benzodiazepine, it must not be combined with alcohol.

Alcohol also acts as a depressant of the central nervous system, and combining Klonopin with alcohol amplifies each other's effect on the body. This elevation of their impact cannot be said to be good because the increased levels of both the compounds are quite unfriendly and affect the brain in a negating way.

Effects of Alcohol-

Evidently, alcohol has proved to very beneficial if taken in quantity of less than two glass for men and less than one glass for women. But this is not the case that happens since most of the people create a habit of binge drinking alcohol or at least ending up drinking more than three glasses. The effects that alcohol puts on the brain are:

  • Excess drinking leads to memory impairment; a person may start to forget things often with overconsumption. These memory losing effects are temporary, but long- term use can make these effects permanent.
  • An unclear vision and coordination impairment are also probable to happen. You may even find it difficult to walk properly. This condition leads to several road accidents since a drunk person is not able to control his actions and reflexes while driving. Also, that person drives with an unclear vision that highly increases the risk.
  • The reaction time of a person is slowed down with the presence of alcohol inside the blood.
  • The person who overconsumes alcohol also faces difficulty while speaking, he/she is not able to speak clearly.
  • It is even possible for a person to feel lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, and a person may even pass out for some period.

Effects of Klonopin-

Klonopin drug is used to treat psychological problems, but its's overconsumption affects the brain greatly in a negative way. Some side-effects that occur are:

  • It is possible to face memory impairment if more than the prescribed dose is taken. This memory impairment has not known yet if it is curable or not. Also, the duration of the impairment is not known.
  • Since Klonopin is a stimulator of GABA receptors, the excess stimulation can lead to coordination impairment. One may even find it difficult to walk or coordinate their actions. It can also lead to blurred vision.
  • Klonopin works as a sedative and puts an impact on the reflexes of the body. It slows down the actions or reactions of a person.
  • When this drug is overconsumed, it leads to slurred speech i.e., a person finds difficulty in speaking clearly and may get stuck on some words.
  • Nausea and dizziness may occur with excess intake. Passing out of a person for some time is also possible.

Deduction of Klonopin's and alcohol's effects

Although there is much more to the side-effects of alcohol and Klonopin individually, the above-mentioned side-effects are some of the common side-effects in both.

Since both of them share these serious side-effects, if taken together, then they increase the risk of these side-effects, which may prove to be fatal.

Some steps that can help to avert the aftermaths

  • It would be a smart approach to carefully read and follow the medical guide that your pharmacist provides. The medication is not to be taken without the doctor's prescription. Do not take medicine in excess. It is better to abide by the quantity of medicine described by your doctor.
  • You should not consume alcohol if you are taking this medicine. If you suffer from the issue of excess drinking, then try to change it by joining a rehabilitation. You shall try to drop this habit before starting to take Klonopin.
  • Try to check all the aftermaths of combining this medication with other drugs or with alcohol before you consume this medication.
  • You shall not buy Klonopin online, but in case you have to purchase it online for some reason, then buy it with the help of a prescription only.
  • If you are planning to clonazepam online, make sure to buy it from the right retailer. Sometimes it is possible to get an imitation of the product, so check the contents of the arrived medication properly.
  • You shall not change the dose of this medication without concerning the doctor.
  • You shall not combine this medication with any other drugs. Klonopin induces drowsy behavior, so avoid medicines with similar effects.
  • You shall not halt the consumption of medicine without asking the doctor. Any modifications in the dose shall not be without a doctor's consultation. Otherwise, it may cause dangerous health effects. Your treatment will be decreased step-by-step by the doctor, as you show the improvement in health.
  • The exact quantity of medicine prescribed by the pharmacist shall be taken. Details about the method of intake of medicine will be described by the pharmacist; you shall follow every detail in the same way.
  • Klonopin should be taken after eating the food. There is no harm in taking it without eating food, but it may lead to an upset feeling in the stomach sometimes.