Clonazepam: Potent Benzodiazepine for Seizures

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Clonazepam is the medication doctors prescribe for treating seizures. It helps in controlling and preventing the possibilities of seizures. Additionally, the medicine also goes by the name anticonvulsant and anti-elliptical medicine. However, the doctor also prescribes this medicine to treat panic attacks in patients. The medication works efficiently in calming down the brain, and it is a member of the benzodiazepines

How To Use Up This Medicine?

Patients may face many problems while taking medication, but it is advisable to rush to the doctor if you face any issues related to this medicine.

The general procedure in taking medicine is via the mouth. This drug can be consumed with a glass full of water or after the meal, but one should take it, in the same way, and at the same time, every day.

Dosage of this drug depends upon the patient’s age, response to the treatment and gender. Generally, it is advised to start taking medicine from a lower dosage. This process decreases the risk of incurring side effects. However, it is recommended to avoid overdoing the medication. Taking it more often, and for a prolonged time, should also be avoided.

Try to maintain the dosage hours. Ensure to get the most of the medicine by having it regularly. The patient should not start taking the medication without consulting their doctors. However, if you abruptly halt the consumption of this drug, you might end up having some severe health issues. Therefore a gradual decrease in dosage of the medicine will lower the chances of having health issues.

A sudden stop may introduce you to some health hazard such as -

  1. The most common is having seizures
  2. Mood swings will become evident with time
  3. Then patients also claimed to experience untimely shaking
  4. They also suffered from stomach along with muscle cramps

Withdrawal of Clonazepam

Doctors will gradually lower the doses. Severe withdrawal side- effects is likely to occur if you are in the habit of consuming a high dosage of the Clonazepam.

Alcohol and Clonazepam

And if you are using substances such as alcohol along with drugs, then the chance of addiction increases with time. If the patients consume Clonazepam with alcohol, then some of the side-effects such as dizziness and drowsiness. Since both alcohol and Clonazepam are potent CNS depressants, therefore, you should not consume Clonazepam with alcohol. This combination may also lead to severe health problems.

Addition to the Clonazepam

However, there is a report claiming that prolonged usage of this medicine gave rise to addiction. The patients who consume high doses of Clonazepam on the daily basis are prone to build tolerance towards it. The patients stop experiencing the side- effects that beginners may experience. They may also get addicted to it, and start abusing it. The patients build a frustrating habit of consuming Clonazepam and are unable to quit it. This is why the pharmacists prescribe this drug for a short period.

Some Common Side Effects Related To This Medicine-

The most common of the side effects are as follow-

  1. The patient reported that they felt dizzy after they started taking up this medication.
  2. They even felt tired most of the time.
  3. Other than these two, they even felt a loss of coordination while they took medicine.
  4. Patients also felt that there was excess saliva production.

If the side effects make your health worse, consult your healthcare specialist at once.

Some of the severe side effects are as follows-

  1. Patients suffering to some considerable level often have suicidal thoughts.
  2. Depression is also something prevalent severe side effect caused due to Clonazepam
  3. Many even feel as if they are losing some portions of memory. Clonazepam is known to cause amnesia in the patients.

Allergic reaction to this medicine is some infrequent. However, if you notice rashes along with itching and swelling in your throat, then you should see your healthcare specialist immediately. You may also feel suffocated.

Availability Of The Medicine

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