Tramadol and the Associated Risks

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Tramadol is a pain reliever. It is a narcotic like pain reliever. It is used to treat moderate to severe pain among adults. The tablet is available on prescription and comes in two forms that are immediate-release tablets and extended-release tablets.

It also comes as an extended-release oral capsule. The immediate-release tablets react immediately in the body whereas extended-release drugs are released in the body slowly.

You can also find tramadol tablets as oral drugs. It is also available under the brand name Ultram. The cost of generic drugs is less than branded versions. It is a controlled substance. Therefore, the drug should always be taken under the guidance of the doctor. You can buy Tramadol for sale on online pharmacies easily.

Highlights of Tramadol

There are certain facts that one should know before using Tramadol. They are:

  • If a person takes Tramadol more than prescribed, there is a high risk that the person can suffer from seizures. Seizures are common among the people who are on opioid medicine.
  • People having suicidal thoughts should not take Tramadol.
  • Please inform your doctor if you suffer from breathing problems.
  • Tramadol is a habit-forming drug. Its misuse can lead to overdose, addiction, and even death.
  • Avoid giving Tramadol to the children younger than 12 years.
  • Taking Tramadol in pregnancy can be dangerous for a newborn.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and drugs if you are on Tramadol.

Tramadol and Pregnancy

If you take Tramadol while you are pregnant, your baby can suffer serious consequences. The baby can become drug dependent. It can cause terrible withdrawal symptoms in the baby. Newborn babies become dependent on the medicine and may need medical supervision for weeks after birth. Always inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to conceive a baby.

How to take Tramadol?

Tramadol should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Never use the drug more than required. Since Tramadol is a habit-forming drug, avoid sharing it with a person having a history of drug or alcohol addiction. Its misuse can even cause death.

Do not take any other narcotic medication if you are using Tramadol. Avoid crushing or swallowing an extended-release capsule or tablet. Swallow it with water. You can take the medication with or without food.

Do not worry if you see the shell of the extended-release capsule in your stools. Do not stop the medication abruptly otherwise; you can face severe withdrawal symptoms. Always consult your doctor, before stopping Tramadol.

What happens if you miss a dose?

Tramadol is a pain medication. It is less likely that you miss a dose. However if due to any reason you skip a dose, you can take it as soon as you remember it. If it is the time of the next dose, skip the previous dose, and take the next one. Do not take two doses at a time.

What happens if you overdose?

The overdose of Tramadol can be fatal. Overdose symptoms of Tramadol include drowsiness, cold, slow heart rate, or coma. Always seek the attention of your health care provider in case you overdose.

Precautions to take while on Tramadol

Take the following precautions if you are on Tramadol:

  • Avoid consuming alcohol in any case. It can cause severe side effects and even death.
  • Tramadol can impair thinking capability. Stay away from driving or using any machinery as it can cause death.

Tramadol and other drugs

Always inform your doctor if you are using any other drugs like blood pressure medicine, seizure medication, HIV medicine with Tramadol. The medicine can interact with other drugs and can cause fatal side effects. Tell your doctor if you use:

  • Allergy medicines
  • IBS medicine
  • Other narcotic medicines like opioids
  • Sedatives like lorazepam or diazepam
  • Sleeping pills
  • Medicine for depression or headaches.