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Insomnia Can Be Treated With Lunesta For Unperturbed Hours Of Sleep

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a sleeping disorder in which people finds difficulty in sleeping as well as staying asleep. Insomnia is a complicated condition which not to be neglected & requires immediate medical attention if any of the symptoms like feeling sleepy during the day which hampers the work, irritability, general tiredness & problems with concentration & unable to sleep the entire night. Quite a number of medicines are available in the market that is used for treating insomnia. One such medicine for treating insomnia is Lunesta.

About The Medicine

Lunesta is an oral, non-benzodiazepine & sedative drug which is widely recommended by the doctors for treating insomnia. The medicine is not available over-the-counter & proper prescription is required to buy the medicine. If you are unable to sleep at night thinking that you are suffering from insomnia &; start taking the medicine without consulting with your doctor, you might be at risk. Lack of sleep or sleeplessness does not always mean that you are having insomnia; it can be due to other reason. So, it is highly recommended that only after consulting with your doctor you must take the medicine.

Eszopiclone, the generic name of Lunesta is a controlled substance. Thus, patients taking this or other sedative drugs might become dependant on this medication for sleeping & may experience withdrawal symptoms when the medicine is discontinued.

The usual dose recommended to the adults for improving sleep is 2mg-3mg before going to bed. Those who are above 65 years of age are treated with 1mg or 2mg. The medicine must be taken only if you are ready to go to bed as the medicine takes only about 10minutes to start working. Remember to take the medicine only if you are sure enough that you can sleep at a stretch for 8hours. So, buy lunesta 2 mg & start taking the medicine to have unperturbed hours of sleep at night.

Lunesta is one of the most prescribed medicines for interim treatment of insomnia.

What Happens If A Dose Is Missed?

As Lunesta is prescribed to take only during the bedtime, there is hardly any chance of missing the dose. It is advisable that only take this medicine when you are sure enough that you can sleep for 7-8 hours at night or you will feel sleepy the next day hampering all your essential works. You must not take more than two doses at one time. An overdose of this medicine can be fatal especially when you take it with other drugs which can cause drowsiness.

Things To Avoid

As you will be taking the medicine to sleep peacefully at night, it is imperative to know what things that you must avoid so there is no adverse effect on you. When you travel, make sure not to take Lunesta. If you do not have adequate sleep, the most common problem that you will face is Amnesia that is forgetfulness. So, the medicine must be taken when an individual is sure enough that he or she can sleep for 8hours. Alcohol must be avoided as well as those drugs that have sedative effects. Drugs which reduce liver enzymes action & breaks down eszopiclone should also be avoided while taking Lunesta. The medicine is not approved to use by those who are below 18 years. Avoid taking a high-fat meal at night while taking this medication.

Side Effects

It has been found that some people taking the medication got involved in activities while not completely awake & later they didn't remember anything. It might include driving, walking & even making phone calls. If you encounter such problems, seek immediate consultation with your doctor. Serious injury can happen & even death if a person drives or walk while not being completely awake.

Some serious side effects of Lunesta include depression, agitation, aggression, anxiety, memory issues, hallucinations & confusion.

Common side effects of Lunesta are:

1. Day-time drowsiness

2. Headache

3. Dry mouth

4. Unpleasant taste

5. Flu or cold

6. Rash all over the body

Wrapping Up

Besides the side effects, with the intake of this medication, many people have been benefitted to a great extent. The medicine helps an individual to get sleep quickly with no getting up in the middle of the night. If you have been recommended to take Lunesta, it is because your doctor feels so. The initial dose to start with is 1mg but that also depends on the doctor whether the doctor will prescribe 1mg or 2mg.

As Lunesta is taken at bedtime, after you take the medicine remember not to read a storybook or surf your smartphone, just close your eyes & soon you will fall asleep. Thus, buy lunesta online & bid adieu to insomnia forever.