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All You Need To Know About Propecia Pills

The alteration of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body can be prevented by propecia. It is chiefly used for treating male pattern hair loss on the anterior mid-scalp & on the vertex area. Hair loss among men is a common issue where men experience hair thinning on the scalp. Subsequently, it leads to balding on the top of the head. This pill is only used by men & women, as well as children, must stay away from using this pill. There are also other purposes for which propecia can be used.

Vital Information

Propecia is such medicine which must not be taken by children or women. The generic name of propecia is finasteride that can be absorbed through the skin. Thus, children & women are not allowed to use handle propecia tablets.

If a woman who is expecting is exposed to Propecia can cause birth defects. Hence, this medicine must not be handled by pregnant woman or woman who will going to be pregnant. The pills are well-coated & prevent any contact with active ingredients during the normal handling provided the pills are not crushed or broken. If the pill is broken & comes in contact with the skin, make sure to wash the area with soap immediately.

It is highly advisable that before you start taking Propecia; tell your physician if you had any reaction to finasteride before or if you are taking any similar medicine known as dutasteride.

The chance of prostate cancer becomes higher with the use of Propecia. Before you start taking it, the doctor might perform several tests to ensure that you do not have other issues & you can take the medicine safely.


hile taking the medicine if you find any lump on your breast, pain, discharge from the nipple or other changes in the breast. These are the signs of male breast cancer.

Things To Remember

Propecia must not be taken by children & women as already mentioned. Besides, there are certain things that must be remembered before you start taking Propecia. You can now buy propecia 5mg online. Let’s take a look at the following things:

  • Remember to tell your doctor if you have any liver issue
  • If you are suffering from prostate cancer
  • Disorder in the bladder muscle
  • Problem while urinating
  • Prior allergic reaction to finasteride or dutasteride

How To Take The Medicine

When you buy propecia 5mg, remember to take the medication as prescribed by the physician. You must not exceed the dosage or take the medicine for longer period than recommended. You need to take the medicine with a glass of water. The medicine can be taken both with and without food. Make sure to take the medicine at the same time regularly.

To get the most benefit, use the medicine regularly. For a noticeable change, the medicine needs to be taken at a stretch for a period of 3 months. The medicine works over the long term when you continue to use it.Before you stop taking the medicine, make sure that you consult with your doctor. To ensure, that the medicine you are taking is working properly & not causing any harmful effects, the blood needs to be examined frequently.

Propecia must be stored in room temperature away from light, heat & moisture.

About Dosage

Make sure to take the medicine when it is time but if any dose is missed, do not take two dose at the same time. Overdose of the medicine is strictly prohibited. When you take the medicine, it is advisable that you must not get up too fast from lying or sitting position else you might feel dizzy. Getting up slowly & steadily is the best option if you want to prevent a fall.

Side Effects Of Propecia

Immediate medical assistance is recommended if you experience any of the following that includes difficulty in breathing, swelling on lips, face, tongue or throat. Consult with your doctor immediately. Less serious side effects of Propecia include:

  • Loss of interest in having intercourse
  • Impotency
  • Orgasm issue
  • Ejaculation abnormalities
  • Feet or hand swelling
  • Experiencing tenderness or swelling in the breast
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Severe headache
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Running nose

The sexual side effects of this medicine might continue after the medication has been stopped. You should talk with your physician if you are concerned about the issues like decrease in libido, having an issue with erection & ejaculation problems.


To find how the others have benefitted with the intake of this medication, you can take a look at the testimonials of the satisfied patients. This will clear all your doubts & you can proceed to take the medicine. Place the order online & start taking the medicine in no time.