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Quitting smoking was never so easy as it is now with Bupropion SR

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It is estimated that smoking a single cigarette takes away almost 8 minutes of our life. But, it is also true that trying to quit smoking takes almost the entire life of a smoker. People these days around the world have slowly understand the harmful effects of nicotine, but, the popularity of its addiction also seem to rise at the same time.

It is really true that quitting smoking isn’t really easy and many have to make several attempts before they finally quit their habit of smoking, and then also many fail. Smoking is considered as one of the hardest habits to quit. The main reason considered for the said cause is the withdrawal symptom that at times becomes unbearable. There are numerous treatments available that helps quit smoking, but most all of them use nicotine. The idea behind the same is to slowly lower the dose of nicotine in the body, so that you are able to quit slowly. But, at the same time people fail inspite of all the efforts and thinking that how could a substance so harmful to the human body could help you quit it.

But, now you have an alternative - Bupropion SR. It is a proven drug that helps you quit smoking without much difficulty. It helps quit smoking by working in the chemical chemistry of the brain so that we do not face much of a hassle handling the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This further propagates the brain in controlling the quit action and finally helps us stop smoking.

Know about Bupropion SR

Bupropion is the first ever authority approved drug in the market, that is non- nicotine in nature and helps you quit smoking without any difficulty. Bupropion SR, where SR meaning slow release has longer affect on the brain due to its low release process of the drug and makes it possible for you to hold your urge and cravings for a longer duration, thus keeping you away from nicotine and finally helping you get rid of it.

The medicine inhibits the nicotine receptors of the brain, so that it can prevent the strong urge to smoke. The rug is actually an atypical anti—depressant that has been devised for people who want to quit smoking. The idea was that instead to getting in more nicotine in the body; the medicine works on the side effects of withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, which at times included mild to severe anxiety and even depression. Once, all of these side effects are experienced less, quitters face less difficulty to quit their habit of smoking.

Bupropion SR is a medicine that does not contains any nicotine and promotes quit smoking and easily cope up with the withdrawal symptoms associated with it. Although it is an effective drug, there have been certain side effects observed by users like relentless allergic reactions, some reported dry mouth and insomnia and alike. Generally the drug is available through prescription and you can buy Bupropion SR 150mg and administer it as prescribed. The drug is in general prescribes for around seven to nine weeks for termination smoking, however in some cases it might also be prescribed for a longer duration like six months.

People who have eating disorder should always avoid taking the medicine or any other medicines containing Bupropion. It is also not advisable for people who suffers from epileptic fits, and also people who use other psychosis drugs and for people who have been using ethanol or sedative drugs like Xanax and Valium and have recently stopped using them. It should only be administered under the proper guidance and advice of a medical practitioner and one of the most important factor is, that Bopropion SR should never be taken with alcohol.

Bupropion is a drug that is also used for the treatment of depression. It is believed that the drug works best if it is administered with other treatment procedures and support. Yu can only get the medicine through a doctor’s prescription, as he is the best judge to decide your dosage needs. The drug is more often prescribed to people who have failed in all their previous attempts of quitting to smoke. Once, you get adjusted to a particular dosage, as per the doctor’s advice the dose can be increased.

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