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Eradicate Tension Headache Completely With Fioricet

The combination of butalbital, acetaminophen & caffeine is available in the market under the brand name fioricet which is used for treating the tension headache that happens due to muscle contractions. Acetaminophen reduces pain & eliminates fever. Butalbital belongs to barbiturates group of drug that is used for relaxing muscle contractions which is the main reason behind tension headache. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, relaxes muscle contractions in the blood vessels for improving the flow of blood.

Fioricet is available in the tablet form & is recommended to be taken orally. This medicine is frequently abused as hard-gelatin capsule.

How To Take The Medicine?

Fioricet must be taken as recommended by the doctor & not beyond the recommended dose. Overdose of this medication can harm the liver & can even cause death. Fioricet must be taken with milk or food otherwise you will find that it is upsetting the stomach.

As this medication is used when the need arises, you will not be following a typical dosing schedule but if your doctor prescribes you to follow a schedule & you have missed your dose then make sure to take the missed as soon as you remember. The missed dose must be skipped if it is time for the next scheduled dose. You must not take an overdose to make up for the dose that you have missed.

Signs Of Overdose

Fioricet overdose can be fatal indeed. The first indication of acetaminophen overdose includes nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach pain, confusion, weakness & sweating. Overdose of this medication will also have symptoms like restlessness, insomnia, diarrhea, tremor, uneven heartbeats, increased shallow breathing, fainting or seizure.

Things To Avoid

This medicine can cause side effects which might impair reaction or thinking abilities. Be cautious while you drive or do anything which requires alert & you need to be awake. You must not consume alcohol when you take this medicine as the risk of liver damage is high. When you take fioricet, make sure to avoid diet pills, stimulants & caffeine pills as all these have an adverse reaction.

Side Effects Of Fioricet

Every medicine comes with its set of positive &negative effects & fioricet is also not an exception. Besides relieving the tension headache, it has negative effects too. In exceptional cases, acetaminophen has been found to cause extreme skin reaction which can be fatal even. It can happen if an individual had taken acetaminophen before & had no reaction. The medicine must be stopped at once & consult with your doctor if you notice any redness on the skin followed by rashes which spread leading to peeling & blistering.

Serious side effects of the medicine include seizure, confusion, shortness of breath, light- headedness, dark urine, experiencing pain in the upper stomach, jaundice, changes in the color of the stool, loss of appetite & itching.

Common Side Effects Of Fioricet Are:

  • Dizziness & drowsiness
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling intoxicated

Symptoms Of Fioricet Addiction

When you buy fioricet 40mg & start taking it as per the recommendation of your doctor, you will find that the severe headache will just vanish. Consequently, whenever you feel that you are having headache, you will take the medicine to get rid of the pain at the earliest. It is an indication that you are addicted to this drug. Here is the list of symptoms that are an indication of fioricet addiction:

a. The need for the medicine to cure recurring headaches

b. When fioricet is decreased or stopped an individual will experience withdrawal symptoms.

c. Unable to function normally without the medicine

d. Obsessed with fioricet

Interaction With Other Drugs

This is a strong painkiller & must not be mixed with other drugs like prescribed narcotics, stimulants, depressants, street narcotics or any over the counter medicine. The medicine should not be mixed with alcohol also. It can cause even dangerous life-threatening side effects including death & overdose. Make sure to consult with your doctor before changing the medicine dose.

Withdrawal Symptoms Of Fioricet

If an individual is addicted fioricet, the person will experience withdrawal symptoms when the medication is stopped abruptly or the dose is decreased. Here is the list of withdrawal symptoms that appear within 16hours from the last dose:

1. Hallucination

2. Nausea

3. Anxiety

4. Confusion

5. Convulsion

6. Depression

7. Hypertension

8. Delirium

9. Excessively emotional

Keeping aside the side effects & not to get addicted to the medication, consult with your physician as what dose to be taken to eliminate excruciating headache. This medicine is widely available & is also available online. When you buy online from a reputed online pharmacy, you can buy fioricet online with credit card. So, embrace fioricet & take the medicine when the need arises & do not make it a habit to take it every time you have a headache.